The Best Tech Gadgets of 2022 for Business Travel

The Best Tech Gadgets of 2022 for Business Travel

There’s something to be said for being prepared when you travel for work. The last thing you need to worry about is whether you brought a power cord (or whether you’ll have a place to plug in that cord while you travel). 

But beyond the basics, there are travel gadgets that can help with safety and security, connecting with locals, and getting enough sleep so you wake up ready to tackle the day. 

Here are our 6 favorite travel gadgets to enhance your next work trip.

1. Cygnett 200W Power Station

Gone are the days of having to search desperately for an outlet in a coffee shop to keep your tech charged on a work trip. 

Equipped with 2 AC ports, 2 DC ports, and 4 USB ports there’s pretty much nothing you can’t charge with this portable power bank by Cygnett. The compact design makes this charging station ideal for portable speakers, laptops, and more. 

Have a drone you want to charge up? It can charge that, too. 

Sleek and lightweight, this is the perfect way to get everything charged on the road. 

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2. Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant 

Try as you might, sometimes sleep cycles can go off the rails during business travel. And red eyes are the last thing you need during an important morning meeting. 

But who says you have to sacrifice your shut eye when you’re on a trip? 

Meet the Hatch Restore, a portable sound machine, alarm clock, and sleep assistant all in one ready-to-pack device. Program your personalized sleep routine so that you can wind down at your hotel or Airbnb just like you would at home. 

Turn on the relaxing sounds or doze off to any of the sleep content with a Hatch Sleep Membership. Trust us — it’s worth it for those times you end up next a loud hotel neighbor. 

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3. Universal Travel Adaptor 105 

Chances are you’ve had to buy a few power adaptors for international business travel over the years, which take up a lot of space in your bag. Why not pack less and have one single adaptor?

Epicka has the best universal travel adaptor that works in over 150 countries. The compact design allows you to plug in USBs and plugs without having to worry about shocking yourself or blowing a fuse in the hotel room. 

Throw this adaptor in your Power Cube and stay connected no matter where you go >

4. Master Lock 4400EC Bluetooth Padlock

When it comes to keeping your belongings safe, it’s always better to be, well, safe than sorry. And while we hope none of your things get stolen while on a business trip, we know the perfect tech product to make sure that never happens. 

Regular locks can be picked, but with a Bluetooth-enabled lock even the cleverest thieves don’t stand a chance. With personal controls on your Smartphone you can manage your lock from anywhere. 

There are no keys to lose or combinations to forget, either. Just use the app to monitor your things with ultimate peace of mind. 

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5. Waverly Labs Ambassador Interpreter

Ever find yourself in a new country for work where you don’t speak the language? You might be able to brush up with some Duolingo on the flight over, but when it comes to getting around, you’ll need a little help. 

Pop these sleek earbuds in your ears and access the highest quality translation tool out there! With over 20 languages and 42 dialects wear this useful travel item to quickly interpret a new language. 

With 3 modes — listen, lecture, and converse — you understand new languages and be heard if your language is not commonly spoken where you’re visiting. 

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6. Illumy Smart Sleep Mask 

As a frequent business traveler, you know how important it can be to sneak in some shut-eye during a red-eye or a long flight. But getting restful sleep isn’t always easy on the plane or loud train...unless you’ve got a Smart Sleep Mask, that is. 

Fall asleep and wake up with sleep enhancing technology. This cool gadget gives pulsating lights to slow down Delta frequencies and help you fall asleep instantly. When you need to wake up, it will blink again to give you Alpha frequencies. 

You can control everything with the app so you’ll never miss an alarm or oversleep on a flight (unless you want to!). 

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Pack Your Tech in a Bag That Keeps Up

At AP Bags, we know how important it is to pack the best travel accessories before setting off. Now that you’ve got the best tech for your next business trip, you need a stylish and durable travel back to securely store it all.

The Boss is your answer to packing for your next big work meeting. Built for tech-centric lifestyles like yours, you can store all your gear in mesh pockets and attach it easily to additional luggage with a passthrough. 

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