The Top 6 Cutting-Edge Travel Essentials for Tech-Savvy Men

The Top 6 Cutting-Edge Travel Essentials for Tech-Savvy Men

When it comes to travel essentials, it pays to have the right accessories. It could mean difference between a stressful trip or an unforgettable one (in a good way).

At AP Bags, we understand that packing the right gear can make or break a travel experience. That’s why we offer the best travel accessories in addition to great travel bags. 

To make your life a little easier, we’ve rounded up some of the most unique travel accessories to transform your next trip into a luxurious adventure. From digital bag tags to travel containers, globetrot better this year with the 6 best travel accessories for men.

1. Key Clip 

    Is there anything worse than losing your keys? You reach for them and they’ve plummeted to the bottom of your bag or under your plane seat — not exactly a smooth start (or end) to your trip. Especially if you’re in a hurry to get access to your rental car or Airbnb at the end of a long day of travel. 

    To keep your keys always safely within reach, try our signature key clip with durable elastic webbing and a quick-release buckle to get to your keys right when you need them. 

    Easily attachable to the interior or exterior of any AP bag, the sturdy aluminum hook and O-ring make sure that you never lose your keys again.

    Shop the best men's travel key clip today >

    2. Upright Go 2 Posture Trainer

      You know the feeling. Airports, waiting in lines, and cramming yourself into a tight seat on the flight — traveling can take a beating on your posture.

      Luckily there’s a tech accessory just for that. The Upright Go 2 Posture Trainer sits comfortably on your upper back and is connected to an app on your phone. When it senses you slouching, it’ll buzz to remind you to adjust. 

      By correcting your body’s alignment, you’ll feel better when traveling and correct bad posture habits. And that means you’ll never have to skip an activity due to a sore neck or back.

      Improve your posture while you travel >

      3. Travel Containers

        It’s 2022. Aren’t you done cleaning out your travel bag because a container exploded on your flight over? 

        Been there, done that. For business travel, the last thing you need is toothpaste leaking onto your laptop or suit.

        But not all travel containers are created equal. Cadence Capsules are 100% leak-proof, airtight, TSA-compliant, and magnetically stick together to make them easy to find in your bag. You’ll never have to dig around for what you need when you land or clean up a mess.

        They hold surprisingly more than you’d think (over 2 weeks’ worth of products), so you can skip plastic bags and travel-size shampoo bottles for good.

        Stack them up and store them in your men’s Flint Dopp Kit >

        4. Exo Stretch Belt

          Some travel essentials never go out of style. 

          This is especially true of belts. You might need one to pair with your work suit, or for a night out at the brewery after work. 

          Our Exo Stretch Belt is the most comfortable belt to wear while you work and travel. The stretch-flex elastic and forged aluminum give you the best combination of durability and style. No more adjusting your pants while you run through security at the airport!

          Grab the most durable men's belt for business and travel > 

          5. Power Cube: Cable Bag

            Say goodbye to tangled up chargers and electronics on your next work trip.

            The Power Cube stores all your tech easily with two zippers instead of one, so you can open it fully and find exactly what you need. Waterproof and with 2-liter capacity, you can carry all your cords, zip drives, and power banks safely to your meeting (and to a beach chair for happy hour afterwards).

            Add this lightweight and convenient travel accessory to your packing list >

            6. Global Digital Bag Tag

              If you travel often for work or play, you may have encountered a snag when your luggage went missing on a trip. This can seriously derail a work trip, especially if you’ve got an important meeting on arrival.

              With this genius travel accessory, missing bags are a thing of the past. All our travel bags feature a Global Digital Bag Tag, one of our favorite additions. If your bag is ever lost, anywhere in the entire world, it will be returned to you. 

              Using a digital code unique to your bag, your personal data is never exposed and your bag will be returned to you without any cost to you. Trust us, this bag feature alone can save you from so much disaster down the line!

              Register your Ascentials Pro bag here >

              Shop the Best Men’s Travel Accessories Today

              When it comes to business or leisure travel, we know you want to stay organized and have everything you need prepped for your trip. 

              We don’t just make the best men’s bags for travel, we also provide the best accessories — from travel passports to gear kits and so much more. 

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