The conventional backpack wasn’t designed with the safety and comfort of your body in mind.

Load stability and gravity management didn’t enter into the thinking // until now.

AP has designed the first EDC (Every Day Carry) backpack where the weight is drawn up and into your back not down and away from your back // this can reduce the exponential load feel by half by positioning the weight directly over your center of gravity letting your hips and legs do the work instead of your neck and back.

The Gravity Vector Control is achieved with our compression load lifter placed on the top-center of the backpack vs competitors who place compression on the sides. This top positioning creates a natural counter gravity pull upwards rather than allowing the load to fall away from your body.

The compression strap doubles as a harness for a jacket, tripod or yoga mat // it also makes a great security strap to wrap around a chair leg when theft is a concern.

The problem with backpacks

Uses for Gravity Vector Control

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