Travel Backpack or Duffle Bag? Here’s How to Find the Perfect Men’s Bag

Travel Backpack or Duffle Bag? Here’s How to Find the Perfect Men’s Bag

If your daily grind entails long commutes, back-to-back meetings, and the occasional after hours drinks with colleagues, you need a bag that can keep up with your busy schedule.

You probably don’t have the time in your day to switch out bags for different events. That’s why it’s important you have a men’s travel backpack or cool duffle bag that can do it all.

Prepping for a presentation, hopping on a red-eye flight, heading off to Paris with your beau — you name it, and AP Bags has the right bag for your lifestyle.

You might be either a travel backpack or a durable duffle guy. But which one can get the job done right?

To help you find your perfect travel backpack or men’s duffle bag, we’ve rounded up our favorite picks and some pros and cons for each to help you make the best choice for your lifestyle.

The Best Travel Backpacks for Men

Whether you’ve got a work meeting across town or are jet setting for winter break, backpacks are an easy go-to for carrying what you need. You can stow your laptop, change of clothes, and tech all in one accessible men’s travel bag.

Backpacks Designed for Comfort

There’s just one problem with many men’s backpacks: the weight of the bag pulls out and away from your body. This can get uncomfortable quickly as it puts more pressure on your shoulders and lower back.

Not to mention it can make you slouch after wearing it for a long day.

Luckily, all AP travel backpacks are designed for everyday carrying with an innovative Gravity Vector Control that pulls weight up and in to give you stability and all-day comfort. So whether you’re touring a new city across the pond or biking home on your commute, you’ll stay comfortable all day.

Durable Materials

Most men’s backpacks wear down after a few years — but not ours.  We use Hi-Tenacity Micro Ballistic nylon that won’t tear like other fabrics. And the self-adjusting shoulder straps move with your body, so the weight gets shifted off your back and creates less friction during movement.

Our travel backpacks have T-16 anodized aluminum hardware — the same durable technology you find on aircrafts.  Compression straps on top double as a harness for bigger items like yoga mats, jackets, tripods, and more to stay locked in place.

Unparalleled Functionality

The best travel backpacks blend style and functionality to give you a bag that does it all. Carry as much as you need with supportive and breathable shoulder straps that activate and control the load as you move throughout your day.

The Meta

Our ultimate business bag for men, The Meta gives you the space, organization, and an ergonomic design that makes your daily grind comfortable.

Big enough to hold a 15-inch laptop or tablet, this travel backpack for men is spacious for all your work needs. The versatile strap technology lifts weight off your shoulders, while the main compartment unzips all the way open for effortless packing.

Need more pockets? This men’s work bag has 10. That means you’ll always be able to grab your phone, keys, and jump drives at a moment’s notice.

Bag Features:

  • 22 liter capacity 
  • 15” compatible laptop sleeve 
  • Gravity vector control 
  • High quality fabric (storm proof, hi-tenacity micro ballistic nylon) 
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps 
  • Hypalon reinforcements  
  • Global Digital Bag Tag  
  • T-16 anodized aircraft aluminum hardware 
  • Heavy-duty Nylon Coil Zippers 
  • Accessible compartments and pockets 
  • Luggage pass-through sleeve 

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The Spire

For guys who appreciate minimal design, you’ll love the Spire.

This backpack pairs perfectly for the office or a weekend out of town. Inspired by the precision of origami, this men’s travel backpack gives you clean and functional design with 2 hidden bottle pockets and 3 quick-access zippered compartments.

Your comfort’s always a priority with this bag. The ergonomic shoulder straps are made with high-density EVA impact foam that keeps weight distributed evenly to stabilize you.

Zippers are reinforced with heavy-duty nylon coil and a MetAsctic I-Puller to keep snags away no matter how full your bag is.

Bag Features:

  • 18 liter capacity 
  • 13” compatible laptop sleeve 
  • Dual water bottle pockets 
  • Easy to clean interior lining 
  • Removable sternum strap 
  • Elastic shock-absorbing bands 
  • Self-adjusting shoulder strap attachment points 
  • Global Digital Bag Tag 
  • T-16 anodized aircraft aluminum hardware 
  • MetAsctic I-Puller hybrid zipper 
  • Air-mesh back panel 

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Best Duffle Bags for Men

Most guys can agree: duffle bags get the job done. Especially when they’re multi-functional, spacious, and well-designed.

Duffle bags tend to be bigger than travel backpacks, but are just as easy to carry and transport your gear.

Durable Duffle Bags

AP duffle bags can handle any adventure and every lifestyle. That means durable materials made for travel that won’t look bulky in the office.

Tailored for professionals, outdoorsmen, and weekend warriors, our men’s travel duffle bags make a statement no matter where you go.

Stylish and Sturdy

Traveling for business? Packing up for a getaway? Wherever you’re headed, duffle bags maximize capacity and keep your stuff organized without weighing you down.

Every compartment has its purpose, and each duffle is designed to function in inclement weather and during stressful work meetings.

Built to Last

For a man on-the-go, having a flimsy bag isn’t practical.

Unlike other travel duffles, we built ours to outlast your daily grind. Reinforced shoulder straps allow you to wear our men’s travel duffle bags in many ways and high-quality fabric keeps your gear secure all day.

The Hemi

Packing heavy? The Hemi has all the capacity you need and more.

With an impressive 80 liters of space, you can carry everything you need for a long work trip, vacation abroad, or use it as a gym bag after work.

Load up your gear inside and attach additional accessories on each side with Daisy chains that create a Molle System for easy accessibility.

For weekend trips to the mountains, your things will always stay dry under water-proof 3-layer fabric. Top and bottom compression straps keep your things secure, even if you toss it in the back of a truck or in an overhead compartment.  

Bag Features:

  • 80 liter capacity 
  • 2 exterior compression straps 
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder straps 
  • Storm Proof, Hi-Tenacity Micro Ballistic nylon 
  • Global Digital Bag Tag 
  • T-16 anodized aircraft aluminum hardware 
  • Heavy-duty nylon coil zipper 
  • Dual Daisy chains 
  • Water-proof 3-layer fabric 

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The Fury

The Fury gives you the feel of a backpack and the functionality of a duffle bag — the best of both worlds!

The innovative Gravity Vector Control Load Lifter allows you to carry bigger items like tripods, yoga mats, and winter coats, all with ease and comfort. That means no more juggling things at the airport or on your way into the office.

A Global Digital Bag Tag ensures your bag is never lost. Using a pre-registered digital code, this duffle bag will be back to you in no time if you misplace it or it gets stolen.

Unlike other men’s duffle travel bags, ours lets you load more without making you unsteady while you carry it. Ergonomically designed for your comfort, the straps adjust themselves as you move.

Bag Features:  

  • 28 liter capacity 
  • 15” compatible laptop sleeve 
  • 2 exterior and 4 interior pockets 
  • 3 zippered inch expander 
  • Shock-absorbing sternum straps 
  • Lightweight Air Mesh shoulder strap 
  • Heavy-duty nylon coil zipper 
  • Global Digital Bag Tag 
  • Gravity Vector Control Top Load-lifter 

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Are You a Backpack or a Duffle Kind of Guy?

You likely have your preferences when it comes to travel bags.  

Travel backpacks are great for quick travel and your daily commute to the office. With laptop and tablet compatibility, you’ll always have room for your tech and everything else.  

Travel duffles are excellent travel companions. Whether you’re headed to the mountains or across the ocean, they provide capacity and security when you’re on the move.

At AP Bags, we’re dedicated to giving you the best bags for travel, work, and play — no matter which kind of bag you prefer. You can’t go wrong with any of our durable, stylish, and reliable options.

Shop our entire collection of men’s travel bags, large duffles, gear kits, and more >

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