Our 7 Favorite Gadgets to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Our 7 Favorite Gadgets to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

There’s nothing quite like that first sip of morning coffee. But when it comes to coffee, not all cups are created equal.

If you’re a coffee snob in search of the perfect cup of joe, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 7 of our favorite gadgets to help you reach brewing perfection.


1. OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

One of the best (and easiest) ways to elevate your coffee game is by grinding your own coffee beans. That’s because much of your coffee's flavor and aroma comes from the complex oils within the bean – which begin to evaporate once you break the shell. When you buy pre-ground coffee, the prolonged exposure to oxygen means many of those 1,000 different flavors and aromas are long gone. To make the perfect cup of coffee, start by grinding your beans right before you brew. We recommend a conical burr grinder (like this one made by OXO) for more precise control, allowing you to switch between fine espresso grinds, coarse french press grinds – and everything in between.


2. CHEMEX Pour-Over Coffeemaker

In recent years, pour-over coffee has become a trendy way to brew. But the CHEMEX Coffeemaker has been promoting pour-overs for more than 80 years. Why? Because this hand-brewing method gives you full control over how water flows through the grinds, allowing you to bring out the optimal taste. The process is easy: Just add a coffee filter and medium-ground beans to the top, then pour hot water in a circular motion. Once the grounds are saturated with water, let it drip down and then repeat the process again until you’ve brewed your desired amount of coffee. As an added bonus, the modern, timeless design of the CHEMEX will look great on your countertop, too.


3. BODUM French Press

For full coffee flavor and simple brewing, look no further than the classic French press. This immersion-style method of brewing trades a paper filter for a wire mesh screen, so all of those complex coffee oils make it right into your cup. As a bonus, it’s also the most economical gadget on our list. To brew, start by adding coarse-ground coffee to the bottom of the French press. Pour your hot water, stir gently, then wait three to four minutes. To finish brewing, slowly push down the plunger lid, which presses all the grounds to the bottom of the container.


4. Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

Whether you’re brewing by pour-over or French press, you’ll need a way to boil and pour your water. For the best control over the brewing process, look for a gooseneck-style kettle like the Stagg EKG Electric Kettle. With variable temperature control and fast heating times, you’ll be brewing the perfect cup in no time.


5. the Barista Pro

If lattes and cappuccinos are more your style, you may want to consider a home espresso machine like the Barista Pro from Breville. From auto-grinding and tamping to near-perfect espresso extraction and milk foaming, this compact machine allows you to make your own drinks to rival any coffeehouse barista. While the $850 price point may provide some initial sticker shock, think of how much you’ll save by cutting out those trips to Starbucks.


6. Ember Mug²

Since you’ve put so much effort into brewing the perfect cup of coffee, it’s important to enjoy drinking it – down to the last drop. That’s where the Ember Mug² comes in. This temperature-controlled smart mug features an integrated heating element, allowing you to set and maintain your perfect drinking temperature. The result? Your coffee will never be too hot or too cold.


7. Jetboil Flash Java Kit

Forget instant coffee. If you’re searching for the perfect cup of backcountry coffee, check out the Jetboil Flash Java Kit. This compact stove kit includes a one-liter FluxRing cooking cup to help you boil water in less than two minutes. Then, you just add your coarse-ground coffee and use the integrated coffee press lid to make your French press brew on the go. The gas fuel canister means you can enjoy a great cup of coffee anywhere – from the campsite to the mountaintops. And its lightweight, compact design packs easily into any Ascentials Pro travel backpack



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