Five Summer Travel Hacks For Digital Nomads

A digital nomad working remotely from a coffee shop

The surge in remote work and technological advancements have made the digital nomad lifestyle incredibly accessible. If you have ever considered becoming a digital nomad, the summer of 2022 is the perfect time to get out and explore the world while working remotely.

Whether you are a digital nomad for a few weeks or on an adventure with no return ticket, these five travel hacks will help you maximize your time globetrotting with your laptop!


1. Get your digital nomad gear together

The best way to launch your life as a digital nomad is to have everything you need before you travel. Make a list of essential items to balance work and travel. To get started, we’ve included gear every digital nomad needs.

At the top of any list is a trustworthy pack. Our BossMeta, and Fury packs are expertly designed to give digital nomads space, organization, and comfort. AP Bags are sleek and easily accessible with durable materials that can handle any environment.

A few other important items:

Pro tip: Spend a few days in your home city practicing working with your AP Bags and new gear to figure out what you’re missing.


2. Less is more when being a digital nomad

Lugging large chunky backpacks across Europe, Southeast Asia or South America is no longer necessary. Ditch nonessentials like laptop stands and keyboards. Most work can be done with a laptop, decent WIFI connection, and access to power. Take what you think you’ll need for clothing and then only pack half of that.

With its 28L duffle design, our Fury pack can fit everything you need for multi-day travel. The pack includes a Sternum Strap for extra support.


3. Create a daily routine and stick to it

A good routine will do wonders for your life as a digital nomad. Plan on scheduling time during your most productive hours to get work done, and then schedule time for when you want to explore. This will create a healthy balance between remote work and adventure.

Our versatile Boss backpack is perfect for switching from work to exploring. It has three quick-access tech pockets to keep your essential gear in one place, whether you’re hopping between Paris cafés or exploring Machu Picchu.


4. Lean into your adventurous side

This is your reminder to explore and take in the beauty around you. After all, this is why you’ve chosen the digital nomad life; to explore new cities, rock climb, and do everything you’ve wanted to do on this journey abroad. 

Our Exo Stretch Belt is incredibly comfortable and perfect for when you are most active.


5. Prepare for travel delays and other inconveniences

A reality of travel is that flights, trains, buses, or boats will inevitably be delayed or canceled. Instead of leaving you unprepared, use this time to get work done so you can do more exploring once you reach your destination.

Our Meta pack is designed to safely store everything you need during extended hours at the airport or train station.

Pro tip: If your pack is lost, our Global Digital Tag in every AP Bags pack is tied to a unique digital code to help make your stuff easier to get returned to you. 

The digital nomad life awaits.

Sometimes the hardest part about being a digital nomad is getting started. With the right setup, you’ll be in for the ride of your life. Happy travels!

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