7 of the Best Breweries in the World (Just in Time for St. Patty’s Day)

7 of the Best Breweries in the World (Just in Time for St. Patty’s Day)

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re celebrating with a green beer or a craft IPA, it’s time to raise a growler!

There are thousands of incredible craft breweries around the world to choose from —and 400 in Colorado alone. We’re talking home-grown hops, professional beer tastings with the experts, and some epic views of your favorite 14ers.

While that makes the Rocky Mountain state one of the best places to visit if you’re a beer lover, there are also many other unique breweries that are getting attention around the country, too.

While you don’t have to leave the country to get the best brewery tour, there’s certainly something special about visiting some of Europe’s most storied pubs. And if you’re working remotely (or cashing in on some well-deserved vacation days), you can’t go wrong by taking a trip to any of these incredible breweries around the world. 

From the historic pubs of Dublin to Denver’s own Coors Brewery, celebrate St. Patty’s Day by sipping on a pint at any of these iconic breweries.

1. Kiln, London, UK

This one’s not so much a brewery as it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

If you’re looking for the coolest culinary experience to accompany your beer or fancy cocktail, this place is it. Hidden in hip SoHo, London, Kiln is an unassuming bar and restaurant that takes into consideration every little detail for the perfect night out. 

Bar seating might not usually be your first option when you go out — but here it’s the best seat in the house. Behind the bar you’ll see the chefs preparing your food over roaring fires in real kilns. 

Watch them throw and spin Asian-fusion dishes with precision and plate them delicately before you while you sip on a drink. 

Their beer list is small but mighty, offering old standby’s as well as unique beers like 3 Fonteinen Framboos, a young lambic with hand-picked raspberries that pairs nicely with any of their small plates. 

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2. Molson Coors Brewery, Golden, Colorado 

What best brewery list would be complete without visiting the iconic Coors Brewery here in Colorado? 

Holding the title for the largest brewery in the world, the Coors Brewery Tour has been known for their legendary malts since 1873. Here you can unleash your inner history buff and learn all about the transformation of the famous beer since the bottled their first brews. 

You’ll want to make a weekend of this Colorado brewery, since the cozy mountain town of Golden is its own attraction. Add a hike, bike ride, or paddle boarding to your itinerary for the perfect weekend.  

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3. Guinness Brewery Tour, Dublin, Ireland

You might not find a pot of gold here, but you will find a legendary beer tour. 

Start your journey in the Roast House where they roast barley at 232 degrees Celsius (that’s 449 degrees Fahrenheit for the Americans). 

Take a stroll through the 200-year-old Vat Houses where beer matures for months before getting shipped to your local pub. Sample limited edition brews that you won’t find anywhere else in the world and finish off your tour with a food pairing by your guide in the Guinness Storehouse.

And make some room in your luggage — they also give you a special one-of-a-kind gift to take home with you to remember your trip. 

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4. Mikkeller, Copenhagen, Denmark

Remote workers take note: this incredible brewery makes for an excellent meeting spot! 

With headquarters in Denmark (and bars across the world) you won’t find a better spot to settle in for a long call with a pint by your side. 

Created in 2003 by a math and physics teacher who started experimenting with hops in his small kitchen in Copenhagen, this brewery has grown to over 50 countries and represents the most unique and cutting-edge flavors in the world. 

It’s unlikely you’ll find more exciting beers than you will here. From the “Beer Geek Cocoa Shake” Stout to the “Japanese Rice Lager” your tastebuds will not be disappointed — even if you get stuck in that meeting longer than you’d hoped. 

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5. Other Half Brewing, Brooklyn, New York

If you’re headed to the “City That Never Sleeps” on business, make some time for leisure at this cool brewery in Brooklyn.

If Coors is beer’s metaphorical granddad, this place would be its hip and forward-thinking grandchild. Moving and shaking the beer industry, this brewery seeks to represent the “Other Half” of craft breweries in the community that are often slept on. 

From laid-back IPAs to fruity hard seltzers, you’ll always find something to satisfy your needs here. Plus, you can join them year-round for their own independent beer festivals featuring live entertainment, food trucks, and of course your favorite beers. 

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6. Crooked Stave, Denver, Colorado

Nothing’s more Colorado than an artisanal microbrewery. 

The creation of Crooked Stave’s brewmaster Chad Yakobson, this Denver brewery brings a wealth of knowledge to the brewing process. The result? Unparalleled taste. 

Their production process blends science and art, giving you a mosaic of flavor in each glass. For fans of sour beers, this place is your new go-to. The “Petite Sour” collection in peach, blueberry, and raspberry never disappoint. 

Want something unexpected? Ask for the “Nightmare on Brett” from the cellar — a dark sour aged in whiskey barrels. 

Stop by after work at the brewery in Denver or visit their taproom in Fort Collins >

7. Hill Farmstead Brewery, Vermont

Topping the charts consistently on RateBeer, this brewery can’t be skipped if you’re on the hunt for the best brewery in the U.S.

Producing one of the most sought-after beers in the world, this cozy brewery has a large list of beer styles on tap for you to enjoy on a work trip or with friends. Tucked away on one family’s ancestral land in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, the drive up to this brewery is a treat of its own.

Once you arrive, explore their extensive brew list from single hop to grassroots brews, all named after members of the family dating back 8 generations.  

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How Many Growlers Can You Fit in Your Bag?

Just because you’re remote working doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some excellent breweries between knocking out meetings and emails.

The best way to make your next work trip worth it is to add in some fun activities after your busy day of meetings and presentations. Breweries are the perfect opportunity to relax and explore the history of a place while enjoying a delicious beer. 

Now the real question is, how many growlers can you fit in your travel bag? Don’t hit the road or hop on a plane this St. Patty’s without bringing along a durable travel backpack or duffle. 

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