Modern Carrying Systems Completely Reimagined

Sleeker Function // Ergonomic Design // Premium Materials


Gravity Vector Control 

When you load your conventional backpack, gravity pulls the contents down and away from you. This puts unnecessary strain on your back.

Our unique design uses the force of gravity in your favor. When the weight of your interior contents fall toward your back rather than away from you, this can reduce the amount of exponential load by half!

Our "Gravity Vector Control" is achieved through the use of our Compression Lock System.

This Positioning Creates a

Gravitational Pull Upwards

Compression Lock System

This system is positioned at the top of your Ascentials Pro bag vs. Competitors side application. This top positioning creates a natural gravitational pull upwards and towards your back rather than down and away from you.


Loop System that Moves with Your Body

Perfectly Every Time

Easy-On Loop Strap Technology

Most straps on the market today are sewn directly into the seam which constraints the fit and comfort for many people. We've put our straps on a loop system that will move with your body and fits any body shape perfectly, every time.


Materials That Last A Lifetime

Whether in the mountains or in an important meeting, you need your gear to last. Our Micro Mini-Ballistic fabric is super durable, lightweight, water-resistant and looks amazing. Our Nylon Coil zippers are the best on the market, guaranteed for life.



The Meta is the ultimate business bag that provides space, comfort and organization. The Meta's refined design is made for the fast-paced working professional or on the go traveler. Wear this pack as a backpack, shoulder bag, or brief, with handles that make for effortless mobility. The Meta can hold a 15-inch laptop or tablet, while also featuring compression locks and versatile strap technology.

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The Fury is a cutting edge pack designed to be versatile, durable, and comfortable. The Fury can be your gym bag, your work bag, commuter gear or your travel companion. But it’s versatility doesn’t stop there; wear this bag as a backpack, messenger, or handheld duffle. With a whopping 49 liters of space, a 3 inch expander and dual compartments, your Fury will assist you wherever you go, and keep you looking good while you’re at it.

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Take command of your day with this sleek, durable, and accessible pack. This bag features a unique side zipper pocket for additional organization and quick accessibility to your laptop. The Boss is equipped with luggage pass through, while compression lock technology keeps your items secure when you’re on the go. This cool and dynamic bag will leave you feeling and looking like a boss.

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The Spire is a unique design that utilizes origami-style technology for additional organization and security when you’re on the run. The Spire is compact and simple, featuring four exterior compartments and one large main compartment. With the Spire, you can be professional, stay comfortable, and look cool, all at the same time.

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With the Hemisphere we know transporting your gear is just as crucial as looking good doing it. With 80 liters of space, pack everything you need for an epic day on the mountain or toss it in the trunk for the long weekend road trip. Have more things than you anticipated? Don’t worry, we all do – cinch tight the interior belongings with our Ascentials Pro “Compression Lock”.

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The Emerson bag is a great messenger or crossbody that takes you from coffee shop to office while safety carrying your 7” tablet. Enjoy being hands free with the adjustable crossbody or messenger style shoulder strap. With easy access to the front pockets, the Emerson allows you to quickly grab any of your daily essentials hassle free.

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The Flint is a sleek and sturdy travel pouch sized to fit and organize all of your small travel essentials. Created from a durable and water resistant nylon, the Flint is small enough to fit into any Ascentials Pro bag and large enough to organize your portable travel items. The Flint features a carabiner style bottle opener, making it the perfect bag for any trip.

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Exo Stretch

Made from stretch-flex elastic and forged aluminum, the Exo Stretch is the world's most comfortable belt. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself ... you wont be disappointed.

One size fits most

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